About Us


No Excuses Performance is a basketball training program based in Sydney, Australia. Our commitment, passion and professional objective is to deliver the very best training, and skill development workouts available within a competitive environment. Our players improve skill level and basketball understanding through a series of challenging, fast pace drills, high level coaching concepts, and innovative fundamentals. There will be heavy emphasis on footwork, timing, spatial recognition, change of direction, awareness, and change of speed. 


Titas Putna, a Lithuanian native, hails from capital Vilnius. Titas fall in love with the game of basketball when he was 8 years old by Graduating “SARUNAS MARCIULIONIS” basketball academy in Lithuania. Marciulionis is NBA Hall of Fame. Following his journey, Titas has lived and played basketball in USA, where he finished his high school degree.  Following his journey, he played basketball in London, England and his team became basketball NBL-1 winner (2014-15).

Basketball took Titas to a lot places around the World and gave him  an opportunity to see different styles of coaching and methods.

With a degree in Sports and fitness management and as a basketball skills trainer, Titas understands the importance of changing speeds, direction and pace. Proper footwork and body control – he teaches these skills with an incredible awareness of detail.

Titas also understands and addresses the mental aspect of the game, maintaining confidence and becoming more knowledgeable of the game itself, helping players to achieve game speed and remaining one step ahead of their opponent.

His training philosophies are structured around simulating game like scenarios and teaching players how to react to the defender. Titas passion is to teach every basketball lover aspects of the game which he himself learned at a late age. Titas is certified “I am possible Training” coach since 2017. He is certified set 3&4 Trainer is Fitness, as well as graduated ‘Sport Management’ in 2018. 

Currently, Titas trained more than 2500+ players in Sydney, Australia. 10+ professional players. 





  • Play low. Player should be able to understand the levels of low
  • Active Hands & Ball Control
  • Aggressive Feet. Helps to manipulate defenders
  • Pound Dribble & Foot Foundation
  • Necessary Dribbling. Players should be able to know when they to dribble and when to stop
  • Game Shots
  • Perfect Passing. Passing should be on time and on target.
  • Triple Threats. Ability to shoot, pass and drive


  • Ball Handling. Efficient ball handlers, create shots for teammates off dribble and beat full court pressure with dribbles.
  • Passing. Create timely passes and pass with either hand off the dribble.
  • Shooting. Ability to shoot the ball proficiently off the dribble and off the drive.
  • Scoring. Ability to create shots for themselves off the dribble and finish consistently at the basket.
  • Situations. Ability to read mismatch opportunities and efficient ball screens.